Manuel Di Martino

From the beginning, the past is part of the musical training of Manuel Di Martino (also AS/400), who gained his first experience with traditional analogue instruments, using vinyls and an old turntable. The diligence and perseverance in the meanwhile allow him to build a solid musical culture projected also into the future, thus arriving to the place where most of all he wanted to be: behind the consolle. He managed, admirably, to make his way in the best clubs of Campania, his native region. Recently he was given a permanent residency for the electronic collective Din_dada based in Salerno. In 2011 he began his career as a producer, launching it with an EP on Malatoid Records, "Thinkin of you" who has climbed the position of the top 100 Techno of Beatport peaking at 68 °, 64 ° and 60 ° place within a week. There's nothing to say it was a good start for the young Manuel, who, however, didn’t waste his time and publishes several EP, of which "Series 1 EP" on Reaktivate with the remixes of Logotech and Erell Ranson, and "Motion EP " with Attemporal remix which received much consideration in the Techno milieu. 2013 is always full of surprises, in fact, its track is inserted into the VA of the label Evasion Room and a great EP called "Andromeda" with legendary remix by SCAN 7 on Intellighenzia Electronica. But that's not all, because, in short, he will release his 12 " with the remix of Raffaele Attanasio on Spectral Rebel. At the same time he also signed a new project with the alias of the AS/400 on Vokodek Music. Always in perpetual excitement, Manuel manages to juggle with ease between the new studio software, proposing a set of sounds that are dear to him and who influenced him throughout his musical growth. A Techno sound, deep and gloomy at times but lively and urgent at others, he has come definitively to a fairly good point of perfecting.

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