Spectral Rebel Podcast #10: Hertz Collision

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Is time for the 10th episode, presenting today the project Hertz Collision carried out by Obsrv and Francesco Profeti, a florentine duo chewing techno from more than 10 years and finally ready to show their talent with years of hard work in the studio and behind the waxes. A lot of feedbacks from the best world artists are already arrived leading them to close important works ready to be released during the end of 2014 and 2015. The 10th of september you can catch their remix in our 3rd release signed by Miriam Macri and the other great remix by Future 16. But for the moment here a taste of them. Enjoy it!!


Mas Teeveh – Premonitions [Micro.Fon]
Arnaud Le Texier, Antonio De Angelis – Switchover [Children Of Tomorrow]
Elyas – Surgery [Modularz]
Birth Of Frequency – The soul Children Of Tomorrow]
Hertz Collision – Evb – (Crow Recordings Promo)
Developer – B2 – Origins (Jeroen Search Remix) [Modularz]
Joachim Spieth – Never Mind (The Plant Worker Remix) [Affin]
Hertz Collision – Rechteck – (Crow Recordings Promo)
Developer – Collection of Time [Modularz]
Dario Zenker – Karlim [Illian Tape]
Mas Teeveh – Catharsis [Micro-Fon]
Spherical Coordinates – SCMWY-03 [PoleGroup]
Spherical Coordinates – SCJKN-06 [PoleGroup]
Lucy – 201 Phasing (Dadub Remix) [CLR]
VSK – Song Of Discord [Sonntag Morgen]
Ken Karter – Ellipse N-02X [Sonntag Morgen]
Regis – A Necklace Of Bites [Downwards]
Mas Teeveh – State Ov Dream [Micro.Fon]
Oscar Mulero – Electric Storm [PoleGroup]
James Ruskin – Cast Down [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

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