Spectral Rebel Podcast #12: Leo Anibaldi

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And finally the 12th episode is online too and we have the honor to have with us one of the main pillars of the italian techno, an artist that represent the roots of a movement born about 30 years ago: yes, we are talking of course of Leo Anibaldi.

Born in the early 70′s, he discovered his passion for the electronic music at the age of 15 and later, thanks to the first machines like Commodore Vic 20 and 64, began to create his first sounds. Late 80s was the period he began to play in the in the firsts clubs of Rome and the moment of the great releases too as albums like “Attack Random”, “Riders of the future”, “Noise Generation”, “Muta”, “Cannibald” and “Aeon”. And was in the 1991 that Leo met the other biggest roman techno artist, Lory D starting definitively to spread the movement known as The Sound of Rome. From this point his career moved all over the Europe, allowing him to collect big successes like to play to one of the first Love Parade in Berlin or to release an album on the Rephlex, the Aphex Twin’s label.


All the rest is history and with this special 2h set recorded at the last Free Field Festival Leo range all over the techno facets bringing us an hybrid dj set worthy of his caliber.







Riccardo Villalobos – Waiworinao [Playhouse]

Subjected – Tool I [Vault Series]

Sebastian Mullaert – ma (Original Mix )

Mathew Jonson – Learning To Fly Dub [Minus]

Plastikman – Eletktrostatik [Minus]

Inigo Kennedy – Petrichor [Token]

Leo Anibaldi – Attack Random (The Advent Remix) [Cannibald]

Christian Wünsch – Alpha Particle [PoleGroup]

Jeff Mills – Millstar [Axis]

Unknown – Part 2 [???]

The Advent & Cary Lekebusch – Arrival [H-Productions]

Function vs. Jerome_Sydenham – Trombipolution

Rino Cerrone – Rilis (Davide Squillace remix)

Cary Lekebusch – State Of The Art [H-Productions]

Roberto Bosco – LUPO

Raffaele Attanasio – No Thought Control [Non Series]

Mathew Jonson – Panna Cotta [Itiswhatitis Recordings]

Gaiser – Ciliate with [Minus]

Gaiser – Comma Fade [Minus]

Pierce – Horse Nation Amended [Minus]

Lucio Acquilina – Magic M [Coocoon]

Ralph Mirto – Metha [Cannibald]

Ben Klock – Subzero (Function & Regis remix) [Ostgut Ton]

John Tejada, Josh Humprey – Fempto Frames [Palette Recordings]

Dadub – Life (Rrose Remix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

Kevin_Saunderson – Bassline (Joris Voorn remix) [KMS Recordings]

Orlando Voorn – Beyond Infiniti In Game two [Cannibald]

Agony Forces -  Wild Innocence (Ness remix) [End Of Dayz]

Robert Hood – Drive The Age Of Automation (Phase Nocturnal Mix) [Music Man Records]

Rpm 33 (Unknow )

Svreca – Övergång (Oscar Mulero remix Digital Edit) [Warm Up]

S100 – Krowork [Stockholm LTD]

Tom Hades – Act Of Passion [Respekt Recordings]

Octave One – Greater Good (PAS remix) [430 West]



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