Spectral Rebel Podcast #15: Roberto Clementi

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Is the 15th of October and we don’t stop to bring you the quality. Today is the turn of Roberto Clementi another italian talented DJ and Live Producer following the right way of analogue synths, groove boxes and more. Hard work and tons of good influences leads him to release on renewable labels as Brendon Moeller’s Steadfast Records, Soma Records, Echocord Colour with remixes from Marcel Dettmann and Norman Nodge, Sorry for This with remix from Steve O’sullivan and more. And just as his production, his DJ/Live sets are synonymous of finesse and pure good taste, of course, all united by an unique skill feature of a top artist.


Oskar Offermann – 18 [Riverette Spain]
Roberto Clementi – Sedate Love [SorryForThis]
Makam – Girls Night [Ostgut Ton]
XHEI – Loss (Ricardo Garduno Remix)[Kaputt]
Chris Colburn – Monkey Puzzle [H-Productions]
Mark Henning – Titan [Soma Records]
Will & Ink – Third Mersenne [Will & Ink]
Cleric – Pressure Cabin [Affin]
Andrea – Draine [Ilian Tape]
Shifted – Telic [Our Circula Sound]
Rodhad – Haumea [Token]



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