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SPR) Hello Logotech. Welcome back on Spectral Rebel, this time with a podcast which reflects perfectly your all of your charge that distinguishes your being an artist. Isn’t your first appeared on our label, indeed, you have opened the ball with the 001 vinyl accompanied by a remix by Mattias Fridell: “Sub Lunar EP”. How was born this EP and how would you define it??



L) Hello!! This EP borns from the concept of a small alien invader that attacks in correspondence with the phases of the moon.. I explain better: I tend to have an anthology approach, definitely sci-fi, when I make music. For me is inspiring to match a story with the sound experience!!

I love to watch the sky and be fascinated by, till to elaborate stories about what might be above our heads. So you can define this EP as a delirium accompanied by sequential acid attacks punctuated with every moon phase change. Specifically, there are two tracks that reflect this dual concept of harmony, as Sub Lunar Phase II, and cacophony, To Sma Angribere. The first sounds purely detroitian and the second absolutely minimal and violent.

I can confess, however, that is one of my favorite works



SPR) Your followers knows the caliber of your other tracks both hard and energy charged with groove comparable to locomotives at full speed with millsian influences, immersed in the deepest sic-fi mood; which have been and what still are your influences??



L) As I said above, from space observation and passion for those that are natural “unknown” phenomena, the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the idea that they too have their own music which, in my opinion, was “discovered” by the birth of the synthesizer and that then it is achieved.

Who I taken for my music guide?? Of course Jeff Mills and then Aphex Twin are the two figures that have allowed me to form what I am today. And of course there are several other artists in different periods of my music life that have helped me to get closer to something new, but Richard and Jeff are the costant



SPR) In addition to having released successful tunes on known labels, your portfolio flows also on your three personal labels (alternating yourself sometimes with your alias “Alpha Code”) “Zeitgeist Schallplatten”, “Rectoversion” and “Forgotten Archives”; would you explain us why they are born and the difference between them??



L) Three are even a few, trust me

For several years I worked to the artistic direction of other labels, but then I wanted to develop some platform that would allow me to express myself 100%. No limits.

At this point was born both Zeitgeist Schallplatten and my alias Alpha Code. Zitgeist is a Manifesto with a strong political charge, stand as antithesis of what is the spirit of the time. It poses an anti-system label, hence the decision to release only on Bandcamp without the support of the main stores.

RectoVersion is an idea born from 4 hands with Daniele Esposito (Future 16), inspired by an art movement born in the 90′s in France which philosophy is to put the question of a possibility face of a thing observing it from the opposite  point of view.

Finally, the last arrived, Forgotten Archives: this is nothing more than a kind of “camp” for friends and new talents such as Interaction who I recommend you to keep your eyes in the future, or Manuel Di Martino who confirmed his talent on Spectral Rebel too, isn’t it??





… – A Self Fulling Prophecy

Binny – A Function Of Time

Mike Parker – Spitting Electricity

… – Via (Carrier)

Logotech – To Små Angribere

Antigone – And When The Sky Was Opened

Dario Zenker – Growin

Future 16 – Hartley

Mike Storm – Static Signal

Philippe Petit – Scrape

Radio Quiet – Speed

… – Stride

Arnaud Le Texier – Equanimity (Zadig Remix)

Logotech – LGGP1

Seelow – Fatal Chord

Spherical Coordinates – SCJKN-13

… – Trascendence





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