Spectral Rebel Podcast #22: Synthek

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22nd episode is signed by Synthek, the berlin based Dj and Producer, label owner of Natch Records and actual resident of Tresor. He releases are supported by many great artists of the international techno scene: DVS1, Inigo Kennedy, Dasha Rush, Marcel Fengler, Jeroen Search, Jonas Kopp to name a few. Always delivering strong and powerful sets, Synthek is characterised by solid mixing skills sharpened through many years of experience behind the decks. Synthek debut album – Unwise – has been released in June, and it will see a remix series featuring artists like Polar Inertia, Antigone, Sleeparchive, Tadeo, Neel to name a few.

Ulwhednar – Midvinter [Northern Electronics]
Korridor – Binocular Observer (Ness Remix)[Hypnus Records]
Jonas Kopp – Seven [Tresor]
LaChris – Truthery (Marco Zenker Remix)[Out-Er]
Mike Storm – Planet SilBI [Spectral Rebel]
Exium – Roots of time [Nheoma]
Karenn – Pace Yourself [Token]
Jonas Kopp – Planet Mu [Tresor]
Synthek & Audiolouis – Thread Between Us (Tadeo Remix) [Unreleased]
Jonas Kopp – Red Plented [Tresor]
Fabrizio Lapiana – Massa [Blackwater Label]
Inigo Kennedy – Arcing [Token]
Synthek – Soundscape [Unreleased]
Fabrizio Lapiana – 1003B [M_Rec LTD]
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