Spectral Rebel Podcast #24: Mental Resonance

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24th episode is handed by Mental Resonance, alter ego of Guido Camino, a young producer born in May 1991 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
At the age of 20 he began taking his first steps in musical production with his closer friends, always influenced by Detroit and Birmingham sounds.
His music has always been expressed through genres like Acid, Acid House, Techno, with aggressive bases and distorted focused on 90′s Techno music.
Soon they will be launched by several of his works, including the spanish label White Rose Records that launched TRANSLATION EP with a remix of Miki Craven. Also will share one Slipt EP in the English label CHILDREN OF TOMORROW with Coldgeist and one EP on Naked Index sub label of Frozen Border besides more works in progress


Architectural – Blue [PoleGroup]
Korridor – Binocular Observer (Ness Remix) [Hypnus Records]
Deepbass – Sequence 2 [Edit Select Records]
Acronym – Jotunheim [Semantica]
Mike Parker – Spitting Electricity [Mote Evolver]
Lifeblood – Schleiden (Bran Lanen Remake) [Geometrika]
Coefficient – Tesseract [M_Rec LTD]
Kwartz – Lost Signal [Sonntag Morgen]
Jonas Kopp – Blackbird [Tresor Records]
Fanon Flowers – Bleeding Heroes Pt 1 [Suburban Avenue]
Kessell – Kalliope [Granulart Recordings]
E110 – vf6 [Envelope Structure]
Dualit – Erknie [EarToGround]
Tensal – AB2 [Tensal]
Pulse One – Disturbed (Kessell Remix) [Granulart Recordings]
Oscar Mulero – Medusa [Tsunami Records]
Luis Ruiz – Diagrama Ancestral (Oscar Mulero Remix 1) [WarmUp Rec]
Jonas Kopp – Seven [Tresor Records]
Cleric – Blitz [Clergy]


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