Spectral Rebel Podcast #26: Greenbeam & Leon

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26th episode is carry on from Greenbeam & Leon two old friends from Georgia (Greenbeam – Achi
Tabukashvili, Leon- Levan Lolishvili). They started to compose music when they were 15 and moreover,
at the same time they decided to begin a new project called AUTUMN TREE and under this name, merging
new music movements and diverse influences including: Electronica, Experimental, House, Dub and
Downtempo. At the end of the year of 2008, at the Electronic Music Awards, they were nominated and
received title: “The Best Musicians of the Year – Electronauts”
The main characteristic of the music composed by Greenbeam and Leon centers around dark and groovy
sonority, playful rhythm and dim sound. Greenbeam and Leon are still actively engaged in the process
of composing music and Dj-ing around the world, therefore contributing to the advancement of
electronic music scene in Georgia. They constantly try to enhance their production with experimenting
with new discoveries.


Felix k – Flower Of Destruction #9 [Hidden Hawaii]
The Noismaker – Shuttle (Blind Observatory Remix) [Raw Waxes]
Deepbass – Tsushima [Informa Records]
Exium – Pulser [Nheoma]
TPWTX4 – 2 [Authentic Pew]
Adam X – Navigational Shortcut [Sonic Groove]
Hector Oaks – Reductions [Mutewax]
Dolby D – Fri Son (Monocraft Remix) [Mekanism Records]
Soj – Astronomia Geometrica [Soj]
Korova – Horizontally [Shades]
Vril – Portal #7 [Delsin]
Reeko meets Exium – Circuit 1 [Mental Disorder]
Ryogo Yamamori – Goodbye (Diego Hostettler & Krenzlin Remix) [951Beat]
Lag – Kontrola (Bas Mooy remix) [Mord]
Radial – Caveman [Audio Assault]


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