Spectral Rebel Podcast #3: Xhei

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SPR) Hello XHEI, welcome to Spectral Rebel. As we wrote in the short description, we can consider you one of the most appreciable argentinian dj\producer at the moment and we know that you are in this scene for many years now. How and when your career started and how you consider the argentinian techno scene throughout its evolution??


X) Hello everyone, Thank you for this opportunity of Spectral Rebel Podcast. Actually I have more 20 years or career paying in Argentina. I started at the age of 17 the age of the great Diego Cid, the generator of techno in Argentina, when began the underground argentinian public. Now the scene is changed and there are a lot of people more that thanks to God follow the techno and this is amazing, hoping to be able to grow more and more all of this.


SPR) In addition to being a great artist, you allow all the techno listeners of Buenos Aires and over, to have the possibility to be present ever in specials nights with the best guest artists in the techno scene, thanks to the Under Club and all the work behind.. how born this club??


X) This is something incredible.. I remember when I was working in a club called Federal and one night two girls approach me and tell me that Joel Bestia (my current partner) wanted to meet me.. and i went the next day to him. The club is fantastic but is 40 min by car from the capital.. and then at the end of the year we decided to move again to the Federal.

Anyway we spoke and continue to speak together of what we want to do in this club, and finally is ever something of really big what we can do, as the last year which we work with over 20 incredible artists: Rebekah, Drumcell, Truncate, Raffaele Attanasio, Markus Suckut, Angy Kore, Pfirter, Kyle Geiger, Hans Bouffmyhre and more.. I can say that Argentina lives the best moment about the club scene in the world of techno. I’m very proud of the team that works in Under Club


SPR) After releasing great tunes on labels as Dynamic Reflection, Kaputt, Unknown Territory, Decoy Records and more, you too decided to start your own platform: Crow Recordings. Could you explain us more details of this label and what will be the next program??


X) Crow!! I am very addicted to the vinyl in all its art. I decided to do Crow Recordings only on vinyl. It will be released very soon, with tracks by Jeroen Search and Truncate, two great friends that I had the opportunity both to play with and to immortalize in a vinyl.. what can I ask more?? I am really grateful of what is happening and hope to do something bigger for the people all over the world one day.

Big hug Spectral team!!


Jeroen Search – Promo (Figure)
??? – Promo (Droid)
??? – Promo (Sleaze)
Xhei – Primate
Xhei – Follow the Kik – Promo
Petter B – Global
Urbano – Decipher
Lewis Fautzi – Binary (Oscar Mulero Remix)
Cleric – Pattern Two
Jeroen Search – Phase 1
Xhei – Requien




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