Spectral Rebel Podcast #37: Positive Merge

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37th shot comes from the ukranian techno producer Positive Megre (aka Andrey Lavonoy). Involved from 90s in the djing and producing world, after many years of experience is finally in the 2010 that he started to release his stuff to the public on such well-known labels as Power Vacuum, Slap Jaxx, Credo, Android Muziq, RotRaum Music, PAR, Kaputt, Naked Lunch Records, Dots Records, Gynoid Audio, Cannibald and many more collaborating with famous DJs and producers from all over the world.


Treale – Error26 [The Zone Records]
Roman Poncet – Walfisch [ARTS]
Positive Merge – Ampoule [Coincidence Records]
Vegim – Digital Fracture [Dead Cert Records]
Xiantek – Landing Emotion [Vector Functions Records]
Modular Phaze – Flying Source [Parallel Thoughts]
Fixeer – Fragment [B55 Records]
Cleric – Avoid The Subject [Figure]
Oscar Mulero – Dualistic Concept [Pole Group]
Positive Merge – Armageddon [RotRaum Music]
Relapso – Bioscope [B55 Records]
Micol Danieli – 26 [030]
A.Bamps – Pour Ceux [Destroyed Brains Records]
Yan Cook – Heat [Planet Rhythm]
Magnetic Deviation – Variation 1.2
Zedje – 381
Plural – Prophetic Vision [Fartlek Records]

Der lehrer fungiert nur noch als lernbegleiter und nicht https://hausarbeithilfe.com/doktorarbeit-schreiben-lassen/ mehr als steuerer

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