Spectral Rebel Podcast #44: Von Grall

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Von Grall is born in Bordeaux where he is currently living. He has released tracks on different labels such as Annulled, Planet Rhythm, Deep Sound Channel and Semantica Records.


Von Grall – Wolsk
Von Grall – Khorr
Ground Loop – Citizen Two (Fanon flowers remix ) [Gynoid Audio]
Edit select – Asperity (Cassegrain remix ) [Select Edits Records]
Modern Heads – Beginning [Outis Music]
Refracted – Continuum [Mind Express]
Female – (Regis Edit) [Sandwell District]
Dino Sabatini – White Witch [Prologue]
Mike Parker – Lustration Ten [Prologue]
Abdulla Rashim – Alem Maya 2 [Abdulla Rashim]
Ekserd – Hidden Document II (Svreca remix) [Ressort Imprint]
Mike Parker & Donato Dozzy – Fullonica Di Stephanus [Dozzy Records]
Claudio PRC – Kar [Prologue]
Jonas Kopp – Planet MU [Tresor Records]
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. – Ensam i Vasa [Northern Electronics]

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