Spectral Rebel Podcast #46: Jose Pouj

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Welcome back with the 46th episode carried out by Jose Pouj. Jose Pouj, begins to develop his career in 1999. He stats to play in some clubs in Spain where he shares stage with Pepo, Wavesound, Oscar Croma, Oscar Mulero and many more. His sets were moved into the experimental industrial Techno and Hard Techno. Five years later in 2007 he went to Madrid to get started in music production. After a period of time with a lot of work and effort he founded his own label Injected Poison Records, the same year he started producing his own music. Has so far released four EP with artists such as: Radial, Grovskopa, Exium, Christian Wunsch, Event7, Kike Pradva, Agony Forces, Reeko, Tadeo and Oscar Mulero, with which recently recorded for the fourth reference (Meta) Injected Poison Records. In January 2011, Jose Pouj published at Tsunami Records label, owned by Christian Wünsch, along with Go Hiyama and Eric Krakeroy, with a “Quietness” original charts soon happens to the best artists. He also edit in labels such as, Tsunami Records, Warm Up Recordings, Labyrinth Records, Newrhythmic Records, Ballistic, Nukapa Records… Consolidating Jose Pouj as a professional artist positioned in an orbit that is progressively closer to the ‘big’ and established DJs and techno producers current happens with the release of their EP “Blood Poisoning” for the label WarmUp (WU27EP ): Three original tracks Jose, under the tutelage of one of the most important techno labels.

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