Spectral Rebel Podcast #47: Uncto

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Good 22nd July to everyone, here we go today with the duo Uncto. They emerges from the soot-covered land of Upper Silesia, an industrial panorama interspersed with aging foundries, rusting ironworks, and derelict mines. Largely mementos of a once optimistic past, their form and function seemingly transcend their circumstance through the inspiration they afford to the musical vision of Dominik Müller and Rafal Fürst, the duo behind the project. Finding harmony in the cacophonous noise generated by a factory’s heavy machinery, purpose in the ceaseless oscillatory motion of an engine’s pistons, and aesthetics in the metamorphic stages of a stainless metal as corrosion takes its toll, they envision their undertaking as not only a confluence of that which is most personally meaningful to them, but also as an attempt to capture the existentially sublime sensation felt when witnessing monuments to an industrial age.
In their eyes, a densely layered scenery forged from extreme acoustic elements and roughly grounded within the paradigm offered by contemporary techno is the vehicle most capable of the embodiment and conveyance of their ideas. Driven by powerful rhythmic propulsion, theirs is a construct of industrial mimicry where vast collisions and mechanistic clangs violently yet symbiotically coalesce with the drone of grinding gears and abrasive discord of metal being torn apart by shearing forces. Ultimately, within the context of a live event and many-fold amplified, their intent is to overwhelm the senses with brute sonic force, so as to not only allow the beholder to become lost in the midst of an inexorable cycle of motion, but also bring about the euphoric assimilation of mind and body into a mechanized soundscape unfolding before a similarly transfixed audience.


Exium – Dronid Tripeo (Digital edit remix) [PoleGroup]
Svreca – Hagagatan [Semantica]
SNTS – A2 [Horizontal Ground]
Dino Sabatini – Tethys [PoleGroup]
Ancient Methods – First Method A1 [Ancient Methods]
Antigone – Artefakt [Token Records]
Rrose – The Surgeon General (No Child Left Behind) [Eaux]
Uncto – Judas Cradle (Orphx remix) [Furanum Records]
Ottodox – Through The Storm [Semper Idem]
British Murder Boys – Dead Sun [Liberation Technologies]
Uncto – Schinder [Furanum Records]
Mattias Engvall – Separate Ways [Furanum Records]
Casual Violance – Burn It All Down [Plector]
SNTS – B2 [Horizontal Ground]
Uncto – Dirty Minds (Exium remix) [Furanum Records]
Mattias Engvall – Withstand [Furanum Records]
Dominik Müller – Ich bin aus Oberschlesien (Beaks first remix) [Furanum Records]
Uncto – Pain Outside [Furanum Records]


Pflicht wz v+ü zielgruppe anzeigen kursbezeichnung/ kürzel bau – 2003 semester ss facharbeit beispiel 2015 dozent/-in prof

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