Spectral Rebel Podcast #54: Marcus

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Today the 54th shot comes from the well known Marcus. He is a roman DJ who has been based in Berlin for a few years. Born in the end of 80’s and raised in Rome, he had his first approach to electronic music when he was very young, but he discover DJ-ing when he started going out to the clubs and illegal parties of the Italian capital.
His sound was shaped by the Techno myths from Detroit and the UK, which are still influencing him today, and even now he is pursuing constant evolution. His music can be found on labels like Limited and 030.
Techno, for him, means more than just music. It’s more than sounds, it’s more than noises – Techno is a statement of love and a way of life; Techno is the energy of every day; Techno is technology but also his voice when he plays.
Going against mainstream and music trends, he believes in the true spirit of music- using it as a voice of riot; believing in the music connections; fighting against the standard canons and the music business, which is ruining the real soul and essence of this music.
Marcus’ DJ sets are characterized by raw and dirty industrial sounds but with strong energy impact on the floor and the crowd, as he is a DJ coming originally from the dance floor.


Pan Sonic – Haiti [Blast First Petite]
Snow Bone – Cult V [Lobster Theremin]
The Plant Worker – Iota 002 [Key Vinyl]
Mental Resonance – Rotation [Naked Index]
P.E.A.R.L. – Station1 [End Of Dayz]
Exium – Rotating Frames [Polegroup]
Andrea Belluzzi – 75 [Synewave]
Mutate – Null (Luis Flores Version) [Blank Code]
AD\\DC – Sonic Erosion [Brothers]
Reeko & Exium – Part 1 [Mental Disorder]
Transient X4 – Ways To Space [Key Vinyl]
Plukkk – K012 [Sombra]
Bas Mooy – Men On Wire (AnD Remix) [MORD]
Gilmer Galibard – Brain Poacher [Lobster Theremin]
Boston 168 – Black Hole [Involve Records]

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