Spectral Rebel Podcast #56: Antonio Ruscito

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56th episode is handed over by Antonio Ruscito. Antonio was born in Rome in 1987. Since his childhood he got deeply passioned into the world of electronic music. He was and he still is strongly influenced by the sound of loved artists such as Donato Dozzy, Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Plastikman, Aphex Twin and many other pioneers of techno music. Suddenly, he decides to begin to study electronic music and start with the realization of some project.

Actually he find himself and his real ideas of techno with Edit -Select Records,which will release his debut Album in 2016… The base sound that characterize his production comes from a blend of ambient and  hypnotic-techno music, thus unveiling the ultimate goal of his artwork: create an elegant mix made from structures purely techno, but overwhelmed by deep atmospheres.






Ancient Methods – Guardian Of An Eternal Bliss [Unknown Precept]

Von Grall – Surd [Annulled Music]

Luigi Tozzi [Outis Music]

Function – Gradient I [Ostgut Ton]

Von Grall – No Contact [Planet Rhythm]

Luigi Tozzi – Ambrosia [Outis Music]

Dino Sabatini – Modulation B [Outis Music]

Dino Sabatini – Vision Quest [Prologue]

Dino Sabatini & Giorgio Gigli – Proteus [Outis Music]

Claudio PRC – Atik [PoleGroup]

Luigi Tozzi – Calipso [Outis Music]

Artefakt – The Fifth Planet [Delsin Records]


Takaaki Itoh – Dusker [Modularz]

Christian Wunsch – Crystal Oscillator [Soma Records]

Hirinori Takahashi – Jazert (Deepbass Remix) [Informa Records]

Detache – I Will Follow You (Area Forty One Remix) [Arts Transparent]


Loops by Mike Parker and some others, on the tracks..

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