Spectral Rebel Podcast #61: Kill Ref

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After one year we meet again our big friend Kill Ref (this time on his solo project) in fighting trim with an unmissable 1h20m mix that reflects the huge musical culture, combined with his awesome 3-decks skills, which make him one of the most appreciated artists of the underground techno scene.
We highly recommend you to brace yourself before press play!!


Josh Wink – Intro (20 to 20) [Ovum Recordings] [cut]
Dare & Haste – Extended Sink Device [Pareto Park]
Patrick Carrera – Usese
Surgeon – The Right Road To Dubland [Planet Mu]
Dj Qu – What We’ve Concluded Thus Far [Strenght Music]
The Noisemaker – Rotazione [Funk You Records]
Anthony Parasole – Point God [The Corner]
Fingers Inc – [Cut]
Chiapet – Tick Tock (Perc Remix) [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
Patrick Bolton – Exoteric [Onnset]
Mas Teveeh – Paradox (AnD Remix) [Archetypes Records]
Tom Dicicco – Dying Breed (X501 vs LFJ remix) [Krill Music]
Die Antwoord – [cut]
Binny – Outline [Monnom Black]
Binny – Event Horizon [Monnom Black]
Gaja – Patterns A1 [Repitch Recordings]
J.Tijn – Mr. Mime [47]
Annix – Cerecilium [Detroit Techno Militia]
Bleaching Agent – Static Renegade (Perc Remix) [Overlee Assembling]
Kill Ref – Blow Your Mind [Darknet Records]
Voidloss – How Much More to Destroy Yourself [Integrated Recordings]
Dibumas – Tonflieger [Klangnet]
Ansome – Hang Dawg [Perc Trax]
AnD – Valid Point [47]
Housemeister – Backpfeife [Autofake]
Evian Christ – Fuck it None Of Ya’ll Don’t Rap [TriAngle Records]
Xhei – Prime (Perc Remix) [Refluxed Records]
Marco Bruno – Tempo Zero (Xhei Remix) [Riot Recordings]
Endlec – Disharmonic Life [MORD]
Dj Boss – Rovni Rokin [Planet Rhyhtm]
Jani Ho – Bell Street [One4SevenOne Records]
Chemical Brothers – Leave Home [Virgin]
Peter Presta – The House Of Breaks [303 Records]
Sirio Gry J- Law 1 (Kill Ref Remix) [Monolith Records]
EDMX – Star Blast [Power Vacuum]
AFX – Serge Fenix Rendered 2 [Warp]

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