Spectral Rebel Podcast #68: PVNV

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Here we go today with another great guest, PVNV. Owner of the french label Taapion records he’s one of the main interesting character of the nowadays techno scene thanks to his mind-oriented vision to the warmer atmospheric and open spaces sounds.






Flogo – Acamantis [Ahrpe Records]

Conforce – Aquinas Control [Delsin Records]

Marco Zenker – Invisible Shadows (Conforce Remix) [Illian Tape]

Answer Code Request – Dust 0.2 [MDR]

Lewis Fautzi – Range (Deepbass remix) [Soma Records]

1DERL& – Vaporized (Ness remix) [Processed]

Antonio De Angelis – Polar [Weekend Circuit]

Planetary Assault Systems – Flat Tire [Mote Evolver]

Amandra – Volques [Ahrpe Records]

KaSt – Melancholia

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