Spectral Rebel Podcast #7: Wirrwarr

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Wirrwarr Interview

S) Hello guys, welcome on Spectral Rebel Podcast series. Even though your young career, you already got great supports and plays by the most influential artists in the techno scene. Taking a step back, would you tell us how “Wirrwarr” born??


W) Hi everyone and thanks for having us on your podcast series…

Wirrwarr born 3 years ago, when we decided to mash up our minds and give life to a new project which was the result of our backgrounds meeting.

In those times (and actually this still happens), both got different music tastes and perceptions and when we performed our first gig together we understood that this battles’ outcome would have been the techno music.

So, in June 2011, born our project and, as we are still here, maybe something went well… (:


S) What did it mean for you to be resident of one of the biggest techno club in Italy??


W) Being resident djs of Magazzini Generali could initially mean having great visibility and more opportunities than the others, but the main benefit

deriving from this residency is that it’s a chance to grow up and turn pro into your career…

You learn how to manage the floor, how to lead people during their club experience, how to prepare them and introduce the guest before he/she starts…

Warming up isn’t always appreciated (sometimes sounds pretty boring), but it’s a great opportunity to show people you are professional and not only able to pump up the sound system… (:


S) As told, you already received big supports for you tracks from biggest artists. What are your future project?? there is something in the pipeline??


W) Yep, in September we’ll release another Ep on Nulldreißig that will be a collaboration with 030 head Micol Danieli

and, in the beginning of 2015, we’ll release our first vinyl ever, always on Nulldreißig!

In the summertime we are also working on 2 (still top secret) projects that we’ll be out on 2 well-known German labels during the next season…

What about dates, we’ll perform at the 1st edition of Mystery Park Festival, Swiss in August and we’ll be resident, for techno gigs, of a new concept party in Milan called Urban… (;




Cleric – Tentative [Figure]
Moteka – Manhattan [Herzblut Recordings]
Truncate – Bodega (Ben Sims Remix) [Truncate]
Cleric – Sigmund [Figure]
DJ T-1000 – Electrona [Pure Sonik Records]
TESLA286 – Frequency Society (Jonas Kopp Remix) [ACYB]
Benny Rodrigues – The Choice Is Mine (Rødhåd Remix) [Wolfskuil Records]
Lucy, Xhin – LX3 [CLR]
Wirrwarr – Static Flux [030]
Radio Slave – Don’t Stop, No Sleep [Nonplus Records]
Micol Danieli – C2612 (The Plant Worker Remix) [030]
UVB – Mixtion [MORD]


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