Spectral Rebel Podcast #72: Future 16

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Here we ago again for the 72nd episode with one of our men, Future 16!! Naples home based producer, Future 16 founds his music concept on a free approach to the creativity, fusing elements of every genre that affect his sound design, from hip hop to industrial and, obviously, the classic mood of the electronic and techno scene. He started to compose music in 2009 but it’s just three years later that he found his vein founding the alias of Future 16; his new music caught the attention of the newest and the evergreen artists in the techno scene, receiving supports from lot of estimated djs and producer. In 2013 is out his own 12″ and dgt label “Rectoversion” (based on the transmigration of the concept of the homonymous painting movement within the music scene), founded with his friend and music partner Alpha Code. In the season 2014 / 2015 he was part of the underground movement “Manifesto – raw culture”, which was active as parties and podcast organizer but also releasing music under the aka of this collective. No he’s focusing on his new projects, always looking for innovation and experimenting new methods of making music.






Antigone & Francois X – Pagan Woman [Dement3d Records]

Boorish – Boorish #003

Jonas Kopp – Alpheratz [Tresor]

Kangding Ray – Sleepless Road [Raster Norton]

Dj Surgeles – The force of humankind [Nancy Temper Records]

Mike Storm – Planet SilBi [Spectral Rebel]

Der Amethyst – Wertkritik [Envelope Structure]

Future 16 – Yaatree [Counter Pulse]

Roseen – Reversion [Ausgang]

AWB – Celestial Longitude (PVNV Remix) [Taapion]

Unbalance – Revival [Monasterio]

Vohkinne – Creole Rhythm [Atrophic Society]

Future 16 – Promo

Future 16 – Promo

Kike Pravda – Mind Control (Ness Version) [Dust Rec]

Future 16 – The Counter (unreleased)

The Transhumans – Spiritual Downfalls [Falling Ethics]

JoeFarr – Stuckfix [Hypercolour]

The intro consisted of hughes stripping, attacking stuffed animals with what looks like a sword, while, in the background, footage from the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers played along with lil-wayne’s drop it like it’s hot reported essay maker huffpost college

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