Spectral Rebel Podcast #78: David Att

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This week we come back with new bombing set recorded @Cassette Club in Madrid by David Att. David Sierra is David Att a mix of youth and experience to provide the best musical creature possible: intelligent techno crafted slowly, where every part has it’s own meaning in the whole concept.

He doesn´t fit in the ‘track a day’ production dynamics, in fact he is not a product, he has a meaning and a duty, as Derrick May said once, this duty is to save the world from bad music. David Att fights against bad music in two principal fronts, the studio and on stage. In the studio he provides the best audio elements, digital and analogue to craft his very own sound, focused on the dancefloor but with a strong ,mental approach with soul. You can now taste his releases on vinyl or cratedigger on the best digital retailers to get his tracks, on his own Studio 14 or Att series Labels, as well as on classic imprints like Synewave / Sleaze or Software Records with his old alias(Attemporal). On the Dj booth, he still support the manual way of doing things, mixing with the old technics turntables as a very dynamic tag team, filling his sets with the best underground beats from the past and the future. Briefing, true person behind a true project on a mission to save techno from formulas and standarts.






Pfirter – New State Of Consciousness [Mindtrip]

Shalom – Burned Hand [ARTS]

Reco – Regnum Asturorum [PoleGroup]

Lewis Fautzi – Synthoponic [Soma]

Ben Gibson – Arizona (Joton remix) [Newrhythmic]

Eric Fetcher – Data [ATT Series]

Kessell – Souls Collector [Granulart]

Judas – Sleep B [Judas]

Joton – Celled

Miss Sunshine – Downfall [Random Island]

P.E.A.R.L. – In Space (Jeff Rushin remix) [Weekend Circuit]

Judas – Insight D [Judas]

Jeff Rushin – Assist Aim By Guiding The Eye [ARTS]

Kapoor – Selection [Four Sides]

Leiras – Ruins Of Dignity [Ownlife]

Voices From The Lake – Zulu Vortex [Time Express]

Alderman & Mental Resonance – Man From Earth 3 (Pfirter remix) [Mindtrip]

Roberto Bosco – Sci-Fi [Figure]

Tensal – C [Tensal]

Kike Pravda – Mind Control (Ness remix [Dust]

Jeroen Search – The Method Differs [PoleGroup]

Robert Manos – Before Its All Gone (Alexi Delano & Jesper Dahlback remix) [Truesoul]

Tensal – B [Tensal]

Oscar Mulero – Rotar [Tensal remix) [PoleGroup]

Developer – Scriptures [Modularz]

SHDW & Obscure Shape – Die Weibe Rose [Fam]

Aber auch auf direktem wege wurden über die schriftsprache weiterhin lateinische wörter entlehnt, meistens aus schriften des rechts, der medizin, der theologie sowie der meine Antwort französischen literatur, wie z

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