Spectral Rebel Podcast #87: AWB

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Today we host Adrien Ozouf aka AWB (Automatic White Balance), the key figure in Paris’s techno scene & co-founder of the excellent Taapion Records, together with Shlømo & PVNV. Indeed since 2013, AWB teamed up with his partners and started the label Taapion Records as a platform for their own work and that of artists whose work they admire like Sterac aka Steve Rachmad, Conforce, Antigone or Francois X. production wise, after a track called «Twelve forteresses » made in collaboration with Shlømo on the Taapion Records 002, he’ll release his solo debut EP called « Celestial Longitude » on February 2016 on his own label with 2 remixes from Antigone and Shlomo & PVNV. Also, another collocation has been released in March 2016 on Marcelus’s imprint Singular Records. The future is bright for him as his featuring on Soma records’s Transmission Vol.3. AWB makes a precise and intimate techno flow who seduces the dancefloor mixing new and old vinyls range from deep, intricate techno, through an acid and groovy darkness with some melodic gems along the way. AWB grow up his sound combining deep aesthetics and techno grooves. In end of 2015, he joined the Blocaus crew as a Resident DJ alongside Anetha & Exal.


Ascion – Illusorium [Deep Sound Channel]
Roger 23 – State IIX_Interlude II [Ilian Tape]
Body Boys – Monastery [Opal Tapes]
Amandra – Moct Eyula [Ahrpe Records]
Alderaan – New World [Insula Records]
Korridor – Futurist [Northern Electronics]
??? – AWB_reshape [unreleased]
Answer Code Request – Meta [Ostgut Ton]
Dorisburg – Splade [Northern Electronics]
??? – ??? [unreleased]
Sector Y – Sentient [Booma Collective]
Vincent Vidal – A Ritual Scene (Antigone Remix) [ARTS]
Marco Shuttle – Danza Cinetica [Spazio Disponibile]
Ascion – Anhatolia [Deep Sound Channel]
Farron – Travel Through Your Mind [Out-Er]
JP Enfant – Sirens [Let]
He-aT – Its Impossible To Describe The Smell Of A Wet Dog [He/aT]
Artefakt – Moving Horizon [Field Records]
Inigo Kennedy – NGC6543 (Cat’s Eye) [Token]

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