Spectral Rebel Podcast #9: Kill Traxx (Kill Ref & Gigi Galli)

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SPR) Hello guys, welcome to Spectral Rebel. Kill Traxx is a project born in the 2009, but we know you both, individually known as Kill Ref and Gigi Galli, started your careers in the early 90s. Hearing your sets and productions is simply to find a link to these golden years, but would you tell us how you begin and what are your main inspiration points?


KT) Even if we’d met later, we both began to play right in the early magic 90s at some local radios first and then in those meaningful clubs of our area such as Movida, Zulu, Dinamik Area, and above all the infamous Giona Club in Fondi and the illegals based outside Rome: these last were the places where happened to absorb the biggest musical influences for our today’s sound: Dany Masterpiece, Lory D, Leo Anibaldi, Frankie Bones, Mike Dred, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Underground Resistance, Industrial Strength music and so on.

So what really inspires our playing mood is that old-school dj feeling, choice and technique: we have got no limits in music and still looks for so sweating tricks in console.


SPR) You are resident djs at one of the most important italian club project, the Ribbon Club Culture, which, moreover, has also given birth to Ribbon Recordings thanks to you. What is Ribbon??


KT) Ribbon is a pure energy wave that calls music from all around the world and brings it so close to the people. The dj plays among all the clubers.  The party is all around. It’s like a thither where any voice is linked to another. This human chorus effect makes Ribbon Club unique. After the big bang of 90s, In our land we missed a club like this in Terracina’s area. Ribbon today is a brand that walks outside its doors, even in the summer. In this one we took part as djs in the Armonie Season with new perspectives  and challenges. About our homonym label Ribbon Recordings we’re aiming at snapping, together with our label manager Stefano Lotti, the club sounds in some tracks from the artists can glaringly represent the hyped ribbon wave. Now we’re at work for refreshing the music and graphic concept. Looking forward for that next.


SPR) What are your future project??


KT) We’re currently working on new ep for Anthony Parasole’s The Corner called “Mammouth EP”, we adore this label sound, we trust in it as the real universal moniker for the sound of the future. Then a new work will be coming out on Ketra Records  “Kil Jack Came Back EP” with remixes from Future 16. A very raw one. And during this summer we’ve presented a new live band project simply named Alive: a perfect intersection between human beings and machines. Cello, bass. guitar and synthesizer played live together with our new unreleased electronic stuff. Alive wants to eclectically explore the ocean paradigm of the electronic music in a never heard way. It seems we can do it properly and above all we’re already thinking about a record with containing the tracks just inspired by this live experiment. Then we’d like to release something on Spectral Rebel, who knows…. (we smile)



Boards Of Canada – Sundown [Warp]
Elohim – Transpersonal [Planet Rhythm]
Error Etica – Monochromo [Psychoskunk]
Mutate – Circle 1 [Blank Code]
Ctrls – Charge [Token]
X-Crashed – Where Were You in ’92 ? [The Corner]
Aiken – Restless [Semantica]
Juzer – Couch Mover [The Corner]
Logotech – To Sma Angribere [Spectral Rebel]
Mickey Nox – Gehenna [Power Vacuum]
Kill Ref – Nitzer Hunts Disco-Milf [forthcoming]
Raffaele Attanasio – ??????? [White]
Dj Surgeles – 28.000 Light Years (Jeroen Search Remix 2)
Regis – Careless Pedestrian [Downwards]
Timothy Alexander – Sentence I [Sonic Groove]
Adam Beyer – Drumcode 09 A1 [Drumcode]
Antone Pieete – Deep Sea [Palicavonzreca]
Separate Minds – Scattered Thoughts (Traversable Wormhole Re-visit) [Sonic Groove]
Underground Resistance – Seawolf [UR]
Drexciya – Water Walker [Clone]
Transition (Acappella) by Mad Mike [UR]
Brian Eno – Lux (Nicholas Jaar Remix) [Warp]



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