Spectral Rebel Podcast #91: Error Etica

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Victor Martinez is the owner of Psychoskunk Recordings, Producer, DJ and sound engineer, but also a reference in northern Spain for techno music. With a career that spans over a decade, Victor has developed a unique and personal style that can be experienced in his particular dj sets exploring through many subgeneres of the electronic music playing in legendary clubs all across Europe.
He is one of the official artists for Rising Label (Barcelona) together with Ness, NX1 and Deepbass, and has worked for numerous other labels as: Sect records (London-UK), RYC Label (Berlin), Shades records (Italy), D-Reflection (Netherlands), Pole Group (Spain), Subsist (Spain) , More Than Less (South Korea), Pohjola (Sweden) and many more…. Being faithful to his style and philosophy, Victor is in a continuous evolution betting for new sounds and new dimensions in the techno sound and bound to evolve in various fields of contemporary creation composing soundtracks for documentaries, short films, trailers, commercials making off etc. His records and productions are regularly charted and played by big names as: Oscar Mulero, Surgeon, Claude Young, Luke Slater, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Xhin and many more.. . He is currently immersed in creating a new label that will be released in 2015 and into his project with the alias “Error Ética” developing more experimental lines with an elaborate sound design and giving away a much more effective raw and rhythmic sounds, showing his understanding of techno music nowadays and of course focused as well on his productions for the dancefloor as Victor Martinez. A guy far from fads and trends that often exposes deep, dark, rawness and energy, lots of energy.


Claudio PRC & Dubit – Coexistence Pattern B [The Coexistence Patterns]
Shxcxchcxsh – ssddnn [Subsist]
Pris – Whatevers Left To Say [This Heavy Heart]
SaPa – We can be friends [MDR]
Shifted – Arrangement In Monochrome II
Iesope Drift – Arlette
Abdulla Rashim – Internal Fall
Kalter Ende_Sarf – Room Two (Alexey Volkov remix)
Allen – Coherent Waves
Dez Willians – Radaway
Dead Sound & Videohead – Methadone (Orphx Remix)
Error Etica – Octano [Granulart]
Francois X – 75000 [RYC]
Atom & Tobias- Physik
Tuning Circuits – No Compassion (Third Cycle Technology Re-Mastered)


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