Spectral Rebel Podcast #93: Fandino

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Fandino, better known as Olliver Fandino is a 24 year old DJ out of Hilversum, and is the founder of Unbounded based in Utrecht. The emotions that DJ’s release inside their listeners throughout their sets gave Fandino the inspiration to pursue a career in DJing himself. In 2014 he made his first international debut, which took place in Aachen where he played a closing set after Psyk. After joining Wild Noize Amsterdam as their first resident, Fandino started with Unbounded. Presenting new acts and he had big names like Kwartz, Zadig, Bas Mooy and Stranger on his night.





Alex Dolby – Space Tool [Affekt Recordings]

Najel Monteiro – The Land Of Nobody [DNA Rec]

HOBI – Recession [Planet Rhythm]

Charlotte De Witte – Trip (TWR72 Remix) [Off Recordings]

Cleric – 2nd Limit [CLERGY]

Rebekah – The Riddle [SOMA]

Ambivalent – DX1 Foldup [Valence Records]

MTD – H2So4 (Bas Mooy Remix) [Nachstrom Schallplatten]

Marla Singer - Exposed Reality (TWR72 Remix) [Nachstrom Schallplatten]

Floorplan – Let’s Ride [M-Plant]

Dax J – Zulu Nation [Electric Deluxe]

Gareth Wild – Obedience Is This [Planet Rhythm]

F1avio – Destiny [Wunderblock]

Arnaud Le Texier – Lexigramme [Morforecs]

Dj One Finger – One Finger [Red Alert]

Tomas Kunkel – Reminder [Off White Records]

Stranger –  Thinner [Planet Rhythm]

Envoy – Dark Manoeuvres [SOMA]

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