Spectral Rebel Podcast #94: Tensal

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We are here today with Tensal for the 94th episode!! One of the 2 pillars of the Exium project, Hector Sandoval expresses his deep vision of techno with his own alias, joining the underground scene establishing itself as one of the most interesting spanish artists nowadays.


In Aeternam Vale – Hole [Dement3d Records]
Oscar Mulero – Eccentrity [Token Records]
Hertz Collision – Blind Feelings [promo]
Lewis Fautzi – Schizophrenia [SOMA]
Moteka – xytyru [Children Of Tomorrow]
Arnaud Le Texier – Thymime
Shifted – Persistence of Vision [Avian]
Mattias Engvall – Separate Ways [Furanum Records]
Kirlian Camera – News (Room 506 edit) [Aufnahme + Wiedergabe X]
Echologist vs Matrixxman – Freeway [Planet Rhythm]
Dimi Angelis – Icebridge [Construct Re-Form]
Sigha – New Puritan [Token Records]
Makaton – Defiler [RSB]
Tensa l- unknown
Norbak – Enemy
Inigo kennedy – Colector [Token Records]
Mental Resonance – Astrometric Precision

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