Spectral Rebel Podcast #95: Marcel Heese

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Marcel Heese for the 95th, enjoy it!! Marcel Heese’s take on Techno is a blend of relentlessness and sublety, using sound design and precise aesthetics, he walks that leftfield path that opens techno out beyond its confines. Part of the Tresor.Berlin resident team since 2008, Marcel is a DJ who disregards expectations for floorfillers. This stems from an independent minded view on DJing that saw him through a time when hard, ambitious Techno was in the state of an outlaw. During the Minimal-legacy of the early 2000s he began buying records, inspired by a Tresor DJ-set from Surgeon. Bit by bit he collected his heroes’ records, drawing from them to his own emerging yet diverse aesthetic sensibility. Labels and artists such as Underground Resistance, Downwards, early Warp Records, Basic Channel, Plastikman, Sähkö, Planetary Assault Systems, proto-Techno á la Throbbing Gristle & Nitzer Ebb, Whitehouse and Italo-Disco filled his record shelf. He frequented Tresor, seeing it as a place to observe what techno could do. He was appointed to the resident team after a gig at “new faces”. Marcel subsequently began hosting “new faces” himself while cultivating his DJing approach in one of Germany’s best booths. Focusing on sublety and depth, he developed a style that could meander seamlessly through styles, affording him the ability to play every time of the night and keep up even with the most selectors on the planet. His pursuits in the scene have moved further with the beginning of his label Finitude Music in 2014. Thus far the young imprint has released four records; two of Marcels mutual project with Berlin DJ and producer P.E.A.R.L. called PMH, and two in collaboration with German mastermind Alexander Kowalski aka d_func.. Remixes so far have been contributed by none others than Sleeparchive, Regis and Lewis Fautzi.


Brian Eno – 1/2 [EG]
Boards Of Canada – Sundown [Warp Records]
Ø – Ensimmainen Valo / First Light [Sähkö Recordings]
Powell – Search [Diagonal]
DVA Damas – Do I [Downwards]
Donato Dozzy – The Drunken Ghost [Spazio Disponibile]
Ntogn – Elixir [Semantica Records]
Luigi Tozzi – Cohuätl [Hypnus]
Edit Select – How We Fall [Semantica Records]
Voices From The Lake – Ibrida [Spazio Disponibile]
Daniel Avery – Sensation (Rrose Remix) [Phantasy Sound]
R&R – Roots 2.2 (Svreca Remix) [Red Point Alert]
Iesope Drift – Arlette [Seico Corp Recordings]
Allen – Parallel World [Granulart Recordings]
Marco Shuttle – Danza Cinetica [Spazio Disponibile]
Oscar Mulero – Hyperbolic Paths [Token Records]
Mike Parker – Amalgamated (Extension Mix) [Geophone]
80xx – Creepr [Plus8]
Donato Dozzy – A.Ritmica [Spazio Disponibile]
Peter Van Hoesen – Expected Utility [Semantica Records]

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