Spectral Rebel Podcast #1: Manuel Di Martino

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SPR: This podcast demonstrates us further a propensity to character with Detroit influences ranging from unmistakable drum machine hard knocks to acid sonorities, and we have a striking example in one of your latest releases on our label. Several reviews talked about it, but would you personally describe what is “Raw Intentions”??



M: Yeah, sure, I work a lot on drums, we can say that is one of my characteristics. I try to wander among my ideas, but the fundamental basis of my music are fully entrenched in the Detroit and Chicago sounds. Raw Intentions is a shade of “my techno”, the good and the bad of my being, one of my rawest and most acid side.



SPR: This quite unique 12-inch “one-side” EP is accompanied by a remix of one of the most talented young artists in the techno scene, Raffaele Attanasio, who gives us his own version of the track born and known now for his Live sets; maybe only few know, but between you and Raffaele there is much more, so, from what born your collabs and especially your close relationship??



M: We are first of all great friends from some time, so between us there is a natural feeling founded on friendship, we agree in all… in music and many other topics!! After so many years of friendship this is our first collaboration and I’m proud both for the result and for all that’s behind it, and of course I’m happy for his career and music, by my side he’s ever been a genius as well as a great friend!!



SPR: It isn’t the first time which you demonstrate your qualities besides great artists, like also by another of your latest releases with SCAN7 remix.. we think that something is brewing, would you like to confide us or at least reveal us your next treats??



M: I’m very proud of my “Andromeda” EP both for my original tracks and the SCAN7 remix.. in the next months I’ll release a track of mine on another vinyl on Fortezza Records in a banger VA called “Keep In Touch” with 90′s USA’s sonorities!! Finally, I can reveal that after the summer I have 2 more planned releases and, in one of this, there will be another Made in U.S.A. collab!!




Attemporal – 4.2 (Future 16 remix)
Antonio De Angelis -Tor
Raffaele Attanasio promo
Planetary Assault System – Serc
Planetary Assault System – Future Modular
3KZ – Percepition Kwartz – Hole
Lewis Fautzi – Binary (Oscar Mulero Remix)
3KZ – Bounder (Mark Broom remix)
Manuel Di Martino – Raw Intentions (Raffaele Attanasio vs. X-501)
Manuel Di Martino – Stomp the floor (Promo)
Paula Temple – Cloned
Oscar Mulero – Cave (Tommy Four Seven Remix)
Oscar mulero – Dreams Of Happiness



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