001 – Sub Lunar Ep

About Us

The first Spectral Rebel Release is signed by Logotech, a Neapolitan talented dj/producer almost became established from many years in the Techno scene for his ability to create unions between the old school soul side of the genre and an ever-renewed way to conceive each production.

A-side opens the release with “To Sma Angribere” a powerful track marked by aggressives and firmed kicks like pistons at full capacity, surrounded by acid scribbles in the deepest space, trait of the fittest Logotech. Mattias Fridell signs the A side with his precious remix, a track which gives rise to a simple but psicolabile groove that makes you fall into a trance, escorted by an infinite droned trail scanned by snatchy tolls like ancient gongs. The back side is dedicated to “Sub Lunar Phase II”, an ancestral and quasi-sacred plot of acid stabs and trippy pads, almost an ode which consacrate the long journey that is going to take Spectral Rebel’s concept. Takatsugu Wada remix of B side places the track under other spothlights rivisiting it with a shiny and accelerate mood.

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